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Hope Rehab Center is a mid-sized primary addiction residential treatment center located in Thailand. We like to describe our treatment approach as contemporary, using professional peer-reviewed developments in the field. This is to offer our clients and their families the most effective treatment and highest chance of success.

The Hope Rehab approach is best described as Holistic, as all elements of your life are interconnected. We use various therapeutic tools to help you manage all areas of your life. We believe it is this that will give you the best chance of a lasting recovery.

The environment at Hope can be described as informal, but with a high-energy intensive program, a family feel, and supportive community.

Hope Rehab – About Us

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Hope Rehab was co-founded in 2013 by Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad, both highly experienced and passionate about helping people recover. They met while working at The Cabin Rehab in Chiang Mai. Simon was the Manager and Head Counsellor for 3 years and Alon was the Meditation, Fitness and Yoga coach.

Alon is Thai and a Buddhist, and enhances her teachings with this wonderful and inspiring philosophy. We are not a religious program and do not favour any particular religion, but incorporate spiritual principles and values into our teachings.

Hope Rehab – Location

Hope Rehab Center Main Building

Hope is located on the seacoast near the port city of Sriracha, on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Sriracha is a peaceful town with beautiful ocean views and a warm local community. Hope is situated approximately an hour from Bangkok airport. All clients are collected and dropped off at the Airport.

Getting to Hope Rehab: With air travel costs at an all time low (due to oil prices and airline completion), getting to Bangkok is very cheap for westerners. A Hope team member will be waiting at Bangkok airport arrivals hall, at meeting point one, to collect you as you exit the bag claim area. You will be driven in an air-conditioned 4x4 land cruiser straight to a comfortable room, and medication if needed.

Hope Rehab – Amenities and Accommodation

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The walled facility overlooks the sea, with gardens, gyms, and a swimming pool. It provides a peaceful environment for the recovery process to begin. All rooms are designed for single occupancy, with internet access and a private bathroom.

Hope's facilities are comprised of 12 buildings of different styles, with the main old house being the focus of the treatment center. The main house is used as the detox center. The facility is spread over 5 acres and the accommodation has been newly built, opening in 2013. We have many local visitors to our site, including monkeys and elephants!

Hope Rehab – Cost

Hope offers an intensive 30-day program at $ 5,995 USD. Second and third month extensions are further discounted with the majority of our clients staying longer than a month. We also offer Long-Term programs including at our sober-house project in the nearby vibrant beach community of Bang Saray.

Hope Rehab – What We Treat

Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope treats all Substance misuse and addiction, as well as the depression and anxiety that can create chaos and unhappiness in many people's lives, both clients and their loved ones. Our program addresses all of the key issues you are facing right now.

Whether it's Alcohol, Stimulants, Medications, Opiates, Cannabis, and many other forms of substances, clients find many similarities and common issues to be addressed. We treat our clients as people, as well as treating the symptoms and the conditions you suffer from. We accept that people usually achieve change at their own pace, and in their own time.

> NOTE: At Hope we treat Depression, Anxiety disorders and most personality disorders together with addiction. However we do not treat psychiatric patients with enduring paranoid schizophrenia or serious self-harm or eating disorder below a safe weight.

Hope Rehab – Treatment Program & Approach

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The Hope program is evidence-based using psychological research methods and case studies such as project match. Hope also draws influence from various therapeutic sources and historical developments such as Albert Ellis's REBT, the early Therapeutic Community (TC) rehab peer-support concept, and Minnesota twelve step (self-help) addiction recovery models.

We now have so much at our disposal, including newer, more effective tools such a CBT, SMART-recovery community support groups, and mindfulness to teach our clients. The fusion of east meets west, and evidence-based therapeutic interventions such as CBT are globally accepted nowadays, as the best approach to helping addicts and alcoholics. Also being located in Thailand seems to motivate and inspire our clients more than back in their home countries.

Hope provides high energy and intensive treatment with 6 main activities at its core:

  • Group-therapy and workshops
  • Individual Counselling
  • Sober-coaching off-site
  • Mindfulness program and coaching
  • Fitness training
  • Self-help peer-facilitated group off-site visits

Hope Rehab Center Thailand Post

Hope's program has been designed so clients get to experience Thailand while receiving treatment. Supervised outings and weekend excursions help lift people's depression, and nurture an interest in health activities.

As part of treatment all clients get a balanced amount of time off-site. We have 4 weekly off-site trips including restaurant visits, and beach visits on weekends. In addition you will have sober-coaching with a team member in town and around the locality. Second and third month senior peers are allowed to escort newer clients to the local market and shops, 10 minutes walk away.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy: At Hope we use CBT as the foundation for out therapy program. For behavioral and psychological disorders, CBT is the most effective and commonly used therapy these days

Mindfulness meditation practice has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety. You will engage in group and individual coaching daily.

The fitness program at Hope will get you healthy and fit for recovery. We have many different fitness activities, including our own Muay Thai Boxing trainer, yoga classes, and indoor and outdoor gyms.

Flexible electronics policy: We allow access to phones and laptops as needed. We understand that clients have responsibilities and family commitments. Generally clients are allowed to keep the electronic devices in their rooms, unless it interferes with their treatment.

Hope Rehab – The Team

Hope has a combined team of over 30 staff, including a range of male and female western counselors, and a nurse. We also have long-stay psychology interns, and volunteers from around the world.

The qualities we look for in staff are not only that they are experienced and certified, but also that they can inspire and reach our clients. Many of our counselors have experienced addiction first-hand, and to help struggling addicts turn their lives around has become their life passion.

Our counselors come from a variety of backgrounds, and each bring their own unique qualities to Hope. Hope Rehab are NAADAC members, Association for Addiction Professionals international arm, and UK FDAP Affiliated.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand – Fitness program

Hope Rehab Center Thailand Thai Boxing

We offer individualized gym programs so as to ensure that you follow the most appropriate path to restoring your physical health. Gym and Exercise Activities at Hope Rehab Thailand include:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Stretching
  • Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

Hope Rehab Center Thailand Yoga

Your physical health will be assessed by our medical team before you begin. Our gym classes and other activities are designed to be fun, as well as health-promoting.

We want you to develop a passion for taking care of your body, because we know that this is going to strengthen your sobriety.

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